Welcome to the Nordic Chinese Church in Oslo

Our faith and the Church Constitutions in English: 2014.10.24英文版章程(通過)NCCC

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The Theme of the Year: “Dedicated Life, Committed Service.”

The Vision and Plan 2015-2020(in Chinese)


Alive Yung People’s Fellowship in Norwegian: 12.00

Sunday School/Children worship: 11.00

Children Chinese language classes: 12.30


Enoch Senior Christian Fellowship: Every first Sunday after the service.

OK student Christian fellowship: meets every second friday.

Cantonese speaking fellowship: meets every month


Monday: student bible study, kl.1800-21.00

Tuesday: Norwegian language blass, kl.18.30-21.00

Wednesday: Alive young people’s bible study, kl.18.00-21.00

Thursday: Pray meeting,  17.00-19.00

Friday: Wemen Bible study group / Discipleship training in Bærum.

Contact Pastors

Xida Chen:Man. Thurs,,Fri. 12:00-18:00, xidachen@gmail.com/ (0047) 9437 5063

Evangelist Ivy Tue. Thurs 12.00-18.00

Office tlf. (0047)-2246 9722,

email: ncccoslo@gmail.com

Address: Geitmyrsvn. 7 D, 0171 Oslo

 Give Gift:

Bank Account:3000 18 07923

 Transportation: Take bus 37,21, get off at St.Hanshaugen and walk 200 meters up to the right side of the park until Gamle Ake Menighethus.

God bless you!