Church News


The church meeting will be held right after the service next Sunday,all members are invited to come and vote for the decision to hire Evangelist Ivy to NCCC in Oslo.

→ Church coworker’s retreat (05/05, Christi himmelfart) will be held at Hedmarktoppen Folkehøyskole (address: Limhusveien 15, 2315 Hamar),registration open to all church coworkers (deadline 24/04).Registration fee: 250 kr (lunch and dinner included). Transportationfee will be calculated and informed later after the registration deadline.For registration and details, please contact Anita Ma or Wannan Tang.

Kantonesisk forening:Møte rett etter gudstjeneste i 1. etg.Tema: Regn eller klarvært, du er med. Alle er velkommen.Neste møte: 19. 6.

Special Dates

Two baptisms will be arranged on 29 May and 25 June respectively, please contact pastors for further information.

Happy family gathering will be held in a farm on 13-14 May, which may cost around 600-700kr including a overnight, three meals and meeting places. Please contact Wang Yue and Yin Jun.

Cross-culture couple’s gathering will be held 29 May, kl.13.00-16.00 in the second floor. Topic: Financial issues in the cross-cultural family. Please contact Linjing and Zhou Lin.

Pentecost multi-cultural worship will be held in Oslo Domkirke on 16 May kl.11.00, after which will be having festival performances. All are welcome.

Blessing of new born babies and children during the service on the 5 June, in celebrating of the International Children’s Day..

Short term mission trip to Bergen on 10-12 by mission department, please contact Yang Hong for registration.

2016.4.3. 1. The next information meeting about the hiring new missionaries will be on the 3 April where Ivy and Glen will appear in the screen through Skype to meet us. 2. On Monday, 4 April 17.45 we will visit the China related mission organization Areopagos, and please meet at the office gate . 3. Special topic on the NCCC youth work will be given by Pastor Lo from Schockholm. He has been the youth pastor for many years. Please come to listen and learn about the next generation ministry. 4. Important dates:(1)Co-leaders retreat May 4th, all are welcome.(2) May 13-14 Happy Family Camp in Mandarin. (3) May 16, kl.11.00 in Domkirke, Pentacost Multi-cultural worship service and festival. (4) June 5, Blessing of new born babies, service will be leg by Alive fellowship in Norwegian.

 Prayer Requests

1)Pray for people who died and injured in the terrorist attack occurred on Easter in Pakistan, may God cure and comfort them. Plea God punish evil men,  let them repent and return.

2)Pray for the sick and those who had operations. May God comfort and help recover from the sickness.

3)Pray for the preparations and process of the coming of Ivy and Glen, may God guide and keep them in His good care. Pray for the sick and those who had operations. May God comfort and help recover from the sickness.

Selction of minutes in Deacons meeting from Jan-March

1) Juni er den årlig sommerutflukt med dåp. Sted: Sauevika leirstad

2) to bibelskolestudenter fra Hong Kong skal være i Norden, 12.6.-17.7.

3) Kontaktperson for sommerleir i år er Sheng Ting og Song Shi Jun.

4)Menigheten planlegger en brannøvelse en gang i sommer.

5)Fylkesmannen i Oslo og Akerhus krever nå når mottatte statstilskudd er over kr. 100.000,- skal være attestert av statsautorisert eller registrert revisor. En statsautorisert revisor jobber nå med 2015 regnskap.

6)Gårdseier har godkjent budsjett for oppussing av kjøkkenet.


Thank Alive for the leading of this family service in which the old and the young can stay together worshiping, praising and enjoying the fellowship in the Lord.

20 March,13.00-14.30 The well known missiologist Pastor Knud Jørgensen will give us a topic on Mission from a biblical, global perspective, all are welcome.

Last Sunday we had about 20 people came to learn about the process of hiring Ivy and Glen. The next meeting will be on the 3 April where Ivy and Glen will appear in the screen through Skype to meet the congregation.

The pastors and representatives of the NCCC Had the council meetings on the last weekend. Thank Chen Lifang and Pastor Chen for the arrangements and transportation needed for the meeting.

After the service today, there will be a Bible study for the new believers or the seekers at 12.30 in Pastor Chens office.

Easter Camp in Cantonese 24-26/3: “同路極珍貴 Precious Companion"。費用fee:NOK 1.000,-。報名:沈秀芳姊妹,截止報名:3月6日。Sign up to Maria Ho before 6 March.

We are  to visit  mission  organization  Areopagos  on  4  April , let’s learn  more  about  their missionwork in China. Sign up to brother Yang Hong.

 Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for the young people, children and their parents. May God protect families and marriage, and bless all children.

2.Pray for the leaders and members in the Bergen fellowship. May God strengthen their faith and lead them grow to maturity.

3.Pray for the refugees in Greece and ask God to give wisdom and strength to leaders in European countries to overcome the crises.